Monday, January 6, 2014

Mixed Media Project

     For my Mixed Media piece I created a portrait inspired by the phrase "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."
      Now, I procrastinated greatly for its blog post and unfortunately left the finished piece at school without taking a picture. I will attempt to edit a photo of it in later.
    The picture itself is a rendition of the phrase as a family portrait. The father appears with dollar symbols over his eyes, the mother is pictured with money stuffed into her ears, and the daughter has her mouth covered by a piece of tape with a brightly colored smiled drawn on it.
    The media I choose to do the piece in was originally going to be oil pastel and watercolor, but upon forgetting to do the background in intended watercolor first I went straight to oil pastel and experimentation. I achieved an interesting effect on the daughter's skin by first using pencil and then going over it with oil pastel. I chose to just do the parent's skin in oil pastel making them a lot brighter than the daughter. I then moved onto their hair which I also did with oil pastel. I was going to outline certain areas with pencil, but zoned out completely and began the process using a pen. I ended up doing line work in their hair with a brush tip inking pen. I'm not over-joyed with the result of it, but am fairly pleased with my use of chalk pastel in their clothes, especially in the father's suit jacket.
     The background of the picture just ended up being a brushing of green and gray chalk pastel and while not the most creative idea....actually I really don't have excess for that, but overall I'm content with how the project turned out. I also believe I followed the instructions well as I showed great variety in color and texture and followed our them Amusement, allow it was in a twisted sort of way. The art journals we did prior and during this project didn't have any sort of influence on my project, and while enjoyable, it actually caused me to start my project late and stall through-out the entire project.